Is Smart Water Good for You – Pros and Cons of Smart Water


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Is Smart Water good for you? Yes and no. There are benefits to Smart Water but there are drawbacks as well. If you want to learn more about the pros and cons of Smart Water, keep reading.

Is Smart Water Good For You – Pros And Cons Of Smart Water

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Is Smart Water Good for You?

It can be. But it is unlikely that Smart Water is as good for you as you may think.

In essence, Smart Water is simply bottled water made from spring water. Believe it or not, most bottled water is simply tap water that has been filtered with nutrients added back in.

In the case of Smart Water, the nutrients added back in are actually nutrients they’ve also removed. Confused? So was I.

But as it turns out, the filtration process used to “clean” Smart Water also does well to obliterate natural minerals found in the water, to begin with. This forces the brand to have to put added minerals back into the drink to “just the right amount” to make up for the lack.

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Is Smart Water Actually Good for You?

Whether or not Smart Water is actually good for you is up for debate. As mentioned, there are minerals added to Smart Water, but those minerals were already present to begin with.

But let’s back up for a minute. What exactly is the process for making Smart Water?

Simply put, Smart Water is made by taking British spring water and boiling it so that it turns into a vapor. The liquid from the vapor is then condensed and recollected. From there, the water has electrolytes and minerals added and is bottled for your convenience.

How Good Is Smart Water for You?

There are several ways in which Smart Water may be considered good for you.

Considering its manufacturing process, you are taking in additional electrolytes and minerals when consuming Smart Water. And because of its filtration process, you aren’t needing to be fearful of sediment or harmful chemicals being found in your Smart Water.

There is, however, the threat of chemicals that may leach from the plastic water bottles themselves, but don’t worry, we’ll get into more about that later on in this post.

Other ways Smart Water may be good for you include that it, like other waters, work to keep your body hydrated. Its distilling process is also helpful for those worried about limescale, chlorine, fluoride, or other components lurking in tap water.

Is Smart Water Good for Your Health?

Yes, Smart Water can be good for your health, but not for the reasons you think.

Smart Water can be good for your health because it hydrates the body and has electrolytes added which can be helpful post-workout or when you are ill. Having said that, there isn’t clear evidence that consuming electrolytes daily has extra health benefits. Instead, drinking Smart Water will produce much of the same benefits that drinking tap water will.

Now, I know what you may be thinking. Smart Water is a lot cleaner than tap water, and thus, is the better choice. While I don’t disagree with this point, the truth is that you can also choose to buy a filter for your home tap water and can still reap the benefits of minerals and nutrients already added to the tap. In this way, you’ll be getting “filtered water” virtually for free at home without having to spend the big bucks at the store buying bottled water every week.

Does Smartwater Have Any Health Benefits?

Smart Water contains electrolytes, minerals, and no added sugars, artificial sweeteners, or artificial flavors. In this way, Smart Water can be very good for you, especially when compared to carbonated or sugary drinks.

Why Is Smart Water Good for You When You Work Out?

Taking in electrolytes as you work out helps you rehydrate and replenish your body. For this reason, many find it helpful to drink Smart Water during or after a good workout.

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Smart Water vs Other Water

Is Smart Water Safe To Drink? – Smart Water vs Alkaline Water

To be clear, Smart Water is safe to drink–but it isn’t the same as alkaline water.

Alkaline water is water that is above the normal neutral pH of 7. Alkaline water has been hailed for neutralizing acid in the blood and potentially ridding the body of certain diseases. None of these claims are backed by substantial evidence, which leaves many health professionals questioning whether the claims are true.

In terms of Smart Water and its acidity, it is important to note that most Smart Water reads at about a 6 on the pH scale. This means the water is acidic. When compared to other brands in the bottled water market, it is closer to alkaline water than others (like Aquafina or Dasani, for example). Still, most bottled water can be seen as acidic, and so no, Smart Water that is alkaline isn’t really a thing.

Note: Smart Water Alkaline is a specific type of Smart Water that is indeed alkaline. Do your research before deicing whether this line of Smart Water is best for you.

Is Smart Water Better Than Tap Water?

Smart Water can be looked at as better than tap water. But it also depends on how you interpret the word “better”.

For example, Smart Water boasts of having added electrolytes that can be helpful to the human body, especially after a strenuous workout or physical activity. It also has other benefits such as minerals like calcium, and potassium added back in after the distillation process that can prove advantageous to the body.

Still, Smart Water is bottled in plastic meaning there is the potential for chemicals to leach into the water. It also has many of the good natural minerals typically found in plain water extracted, making drinking Smart Water only a tad better than drinking regular spring water–if better at all!

Essentially, Smart Water is distilled water that’s been bottled up from the springs of Britain, filtered, and sprinkled with electrolytes and minerals. Is it bad for you? Unlikely. But is it great for you? In some ways it can be, but it may not have the awesome impact on your health that you may think.

Why Is Smartwater Better Than Regular Water?

Smart Water is often seen as better than regular water because it supposedly has more benefits. In essence, this is partially true because Smart Water has the addition of electrolytes while removing contaminants like limescale, chlorine, excess fluoride, and other chemicals found in tap water.

At the same time, buying normal spring drinking water may have similar benefits to Smart Water but may cost way less. It may also be helpful to simply purchase a filtration system to filter your home tap.

Remember that while these lower-cost options may not provide you with the electrolytes that Smart Water does, electrolytes don’t need to be added to your daily drinks to make you healthy. Electrolytes, minerals, and vitamins are also absorbed from food.

Is Smart Water Good For You – Pros And Cons Of Smart Water

Types of Smart Water

Is Flavored Smart Water Good for You?

Smart Water’s flavored water is similar to the regular line of Smart Water. The only difference is that natural fruit flavors are added. There is still no added sugar, artificial flavors, or artificial sweeteners.

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Is Carbonated Smart Water Good for You?

In general, it is better to drink non-carbonated drinks rather than carbonated drinks on a daily basis. In this way, it may not be wise to drink carbonated Smart Water as a replacement for your everyday water intake.

Is Smart Water Plus Good for You?

Smart Water Plus boasts several calming and healthy extracts that can indeed benefit your body. There’s no harm in consuming Smart Water Plus.

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Is Antioxidant Smart Water Good for You?

Antioxidants are great for human health. Smart Water Antioxidant contains selenium which has many positive health effects on the body.

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Is Smartwater the Healthiest?

Not necessarily.

Remember that the biggest selling point for Smart Water is that it has added electrolytes. But these electrolytes aren’t found to provide significant health boosts, especially when consumed every day.

Thus, drinking Smart Water isn’t likely to add much to your health that other enhanced water, spring water, or tap water types could do.

Why You Shouldn’t Drink Smart Water

Drinking Smart Water may not harm your health, but it may not be beneficial either. In fact, though the idea of electrolytes being added to Smart Water is a major win for some, it is important to note that there is a such thing as consuming too many electrolytes. When this happens, your body’s sodium stores plummet. This can make for other health problems down the road.

In addition, Smart Water can be expensive and there isn’t a great deal of benefits that come from it that make it worth the hefty price tag – especially on the daily! 

Many love the idea of the water being clean in the sense that it has been filtered and distilled. So, if that’s the reason that you buy Smart Water, then it can be a good choice. But I still don’t recommend spending money on this brand of water over others for ongoing consumption.

Can Smartwater Be Harmful?

Smart Water may be harmful when consumed in excess, especially if you are drinking too many electrolyte drinks. On top of that, the fact that Smart Water is stored in a plastic bottle makes it a candidate for leached chemicals in the water.

in addition, Smart Water, although made from 100% recycled plastic is still single-use plastic. This means it can be bad for the environment when compared to using tap water. Thus, the choice is yours when it comes to which water you’ll consume.

Why Is Smartwater Not Good for You?

Smart Water shouldn’t really harm your health unless you are consuming too many electrolytes in the day by pairing it with other electrolyte drinks. Otherwise, Smart Water is a good, yet expensive, option for rehydrating your body.

How Many Smart Waters Should I Drink a Day?

Every person should drink around 3 liters of water a day, sometimes more or less depending on height and weight.

Having said that, there is no specific amount of Smart Water you should drink each day.

What Are Some Alternatives to Smart Water?

Spring water, distilled water, or filtered tap water can be used to replace Smart Water. If it is electrolytes you seek, try rehydrating with coconut water which has many of the same hydrating and electrolyte-rich benefits that Smart Water has–and then some!

Is Smart Water Good For You? Yes, But With a Cost!

All in all, the general consensus is that Smart Water can be good for you. However, you should know that electrolytes aren’t needed from your water frequently and that Smart Water isn’t much different from regular distilled, spring, or filtered tap water. Thus, whether or not you choose to accept the hefty price tag of this drink is up to you.

There are plenty of alternatives out there if you’re looking for them!


What is the healthiest water to drink?

Most agree that spring water is the most healthy natural water to drink.

Does mineral or vitamin enhanced water really improve hydration or performance?

It can, however, these aren’t needed daily. You also need to watch for added sugars such as those present in many advertised “vitamin” waters as these sugars pose a significant risk to your health despite these drinks’ “healthy” claims.

Did Smartwater Get Recalled?

Coca-Cola issued a voluntary recall for Smart Water in 2010 for not meeting FDA requirements.

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