Is Lipton Citrus Green Tea Good for You – Health Benefits and Facts


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You likely know the health benefits of drinking green tea with citrus, but you still may have the question, “Is Lipton Citrus Green Tea good for you?” still on your mind. If that’s you, take a seat. In today’s post, we’ll detail why Lipton Citrus Green Tea might not be the best choice for your health, as well as provide a few healthier alternatives instead.

Is Lipton Citrus Green Tea Good For You – Health Benefits And Facts

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What Is Lipton Citrus Green Tea?

There are many types of Lipton green tea on the market. For the purposes of this post, we’ll be reviewing the effects that Lipton Citrus Green Tea (in a bottle) has on your health and body.

Lipton Citrus Green Tea comes in a plastic bottle. It is often sold in markets and can be found along with other bottled waters and soft drinks. The taste is smooth and refreshing, albeit very sweet. Because of its sweetness, it does not have any of the bitterness commonly associated with drinking green tea.

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Lipton Green Tea Ingredients

In order to properly evaluate the healthy characteristics (or lack thereof) of this beverage, it can be helpful to know what’s in the drink.

The ingredients in Lipton Citrus Green Tea are as follows:

Water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, natural flavor, sodium hexametaphosphate (to protect flavor), green tea, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), potassium sorbate (preserves freshness), phosphoric acid, sugar, acesulfame potassium, calcium disodium edta

As you can see from the above information, high fructose corn syrup sits high as one of the top two ingredients in Lipton Green Tea with citrus. This, folks, is not good!

High fructose corn syrup is like sugar, only worse. it is quickly absorbed by your liver and converted to fat. In fact, it is said that this ingredient is so foreign to your body, that your body doesn’t even recognize it as food. This means you’ll remain hungry after eating it. You may even feel hungrier than before!

Also, notice that the green tea within the drink is listed as the sixth ingredient. In case you aren’t aware, ingredients are listed in terms of how much of an ingredient is present in a drink. Thus, an ingredient that is first on the list comprises most of the drink, while ingredients listed last comprise less of the drink.

With green tea being listed as sixth, you can be sure that green tea doesn’t account for most of the drink. Instead, water and high fructose corn syrup take the lead, meaning you’re consuming mostly calories, sugar, and water when you slurp this refreshing drink down.

Lipton Green Tea Citrus Nutrition Facts

Now that you know exactly what makes up Lipton Citrus Green Tea, you may desire more information concerning nutrition facts.

The following are the most current nutrition facts available for Lipton Green Tea with citrus:

  • Calories 100
  • Total Fat 0g
  • Saturated Fat 0g
  • Trans Fat 0g
  • Cholesterol 0mg
  • Sodium 150mg
  • Total Carbohydrate 28g
  • Dietary Fiber 0g
  • Sugars 25g
  • Includes Added Sugars 25g
  • Protein 0g

Is Lipton Green Citrus Tea Healthy?

With all of the above information, we can now make an assessment as to whether or not this tea is as healthy as other green teas.

The answer? Not by a long shot.

Your normal green tea that has been brewed without additives are made from green tea leaf, water, and maybe a tiny bit of sweetener. Citrus may be added from citrus fruit. All of this is healthy, especially if you limit the amount of sweetener you add. It gives you a boost of vitamins and minerals along with a healthy dose of antioxidants.

Although Lipton Green Citrus Tea also promises a boost of antioxidants, those benefits will be far outweighed by the sugar content in this drink. Not only this, but the amount of additives present makes this even more of an undesirable pick, especially when compared to other green tea types.

Is Green Tea Citrus Good for Weight Loss?

Some types of green tea with citrus are undoubtedly great for weight loss or bowel problems. But if you are referring to Lipton’s bottled green tea with citrus, we ought to have our reservations. Because of the ingredients list and nutrition facts, it’s never recommended to consume this drink as part of a healthy diet. The sugar alone will be enough to put weight on your body, especially given that this “sugar” is in the form of high fructose corn syrup.

If you desire to drink something that’s great for weight loss, consider picking up unsweetened green tea in a bottle or in bags. Add just a bit of honey or natural maple syrup to it to sweeten it. This will be refreshing and delicious, but also, will supply your body with the antioxidants you desire–without all the sugar!

Is Lipton Citrus Green Tea Good For You – Health Benefits And Facts

Can You Lose Weight Drinking Lipton Green Tea Citrus?

It is very unlikely that you’ll lose weight drinking Lipton Green Tea with citrus. Many people assume that this drink is better for them than your typical soda. However, because both soda and Lipton Green Tea Citrus are packed with sugar, the truth is that neither one is better than the other.

Note: Soda can be a bit higher in sugar and calories than Lipton Green Tea with citrus. Still, both types of drinks can cause you to gain weight and provide you with empty calories. I advise you to avoid both, especially if you’re consuming them on a daily basis.

Is Lipton Green Tea Citrus Good for Weight Loss?

Remember, Lipton Green Tea Citrus is full of high fructose corn syrup and very little green tea. It is mostly empty calories that have no place tagging along during your weight loss journey.

What Are the Pros and Cons When Drinking Lipton Green Tea Citrus in the Bottle?

The pros of drinking Lipton Green Tea with citrus are:

  • Hydrating
  • Contains green tea
  • Contains a fewer calories and sugar than the average soda

The cons of drinking Lipton green tea are:

  • Inhibiting your body’s ability to burn fat
  • Very little green tea is present in the drink
  • The presence of high fructose corn syrup
  • Still high in sugar in comparison to unsweetened fresh-brewed green tea

Is Lipton Green Tea Citrus Good for Diabetics?

No. I definitely do not recommend diabetics drink Lipton Green Tea Citrus. However, a diabetic may be able to tolerate Lipton diet green tea. Just be careful, as even this contains aspartame which is known to have adverse effects on some individuals (LINK).

Lipton Green Tea Citrus vs Soda

There isn’t much difference between Lipton Green Tea Citus and soda. Soda tends to have slightly more grams of sugar and calories (39-44 grams and 140 grams, respectively) but neither is actually good for you. Of course, you should also remember that Lipton Green Tea is flat while soda is effervescent.

Is Lipton Citrus Green Tea Good For You? Nope…

Although Lipton Citrus Green Tea technically contains green tea, it should not be regarded as “good” for you. Because of the amount of high fructose corn syrup it contains, I recommend you skip this drink. This is especially true if you plan to consume it as part of your everyday routine.

I hope this helps answer the question, “Is Lipton Citrus Green Tea good for you?” Give standard iced green tea a try instead and see what you think! See you next time!


Is Lipton green tea good for you?

Lipton green tea unsweetened or in tea bags are great options when you want something light and refreshing to sip.

Is Lipton green tea real green tea?

Yes, it is. However, Lipton Citrus Green Tea contains very little green tea.

Is it good to drink Lipton Green Tea every day?

That will depend on the type. I do not recommend you drink bottled Lipton Citrus Green Tea every day due to its sugar content.

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