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There are so many diets out in the world right now that all state that they are better for our bodies. Knowing which is best is a tricky thing as we want to make sure that we do not put our bodies under stress when digesting the food but also get the most nutritional value from the food. Many people wonder, is it bad to eat cold food?

In this article we will explore if it is bad to eat cold food and what cold food can do to our bodies.

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Is It Bad To Eat Cold Food From The Fridge?

Is it okay to eat refrigerated food? Yes , you can eat foods that have been stored in the fridge. The biggest difference for your health when choosing between a warm meal and a cold meal is the effect a cold meal can have on our digestion. Our body finds it harder to digest colder meals. Many people believe that colder meals are healthier for our bodies as we can absorb more nutrients and gain from added vitamins and minerals. This is not always true as not all foods change in nutritional value while they cook.

Frozen Blueberries

What Food Is Ok To Eat Cold?

There are many different types of food that are okay to eat cold, rather than hot.

Here is a list of different food groups and dishes you can eat cold without heating:

  • Vegetables (such as carrots)
  • Nuts (such as walnuts)
  • Seeds (such as sunflower seeds)
  • Fruits (such as bananas and apples)
  • Dried fruits (such as sultanas and raisins)
  • Grains (such as chickpeas)

Is It Better To Reheat Food Or Eat It Cold?

If you have stored leftover food, we would recommend that you reheat your food rather than eating it cold. Placing your food in the fridge will not remove all harmful bacteria that can grow on it.

If you reheat your food to a safe temperature that can kill the harmful bacteria, this is a safer method of consuming.

Does Eating Cold Food Make You Lose Weight?

Eating cold food can actually be a very smart method of losing weight. Eating ice-based foods can burn calories, as digesting the ice requires a lot of energy for the body. Many people actually suggested that sticking to cold or iced foods can be a great way of losing weight, but only used in short bursts or as part of a balanced diet.

What Does Cold Food Do To The Stomach?

Is eating cold food bad for your stomach? The quick answer is yes, eating just cold food can put stress on the stomach and digestive system and even cause your gut to be sensitive to hot foods.

Is cold food bad for the stomach? Not when eaten in a balanced diet, but we would not recommend eating cold food for every meal.

What Happens If You Eat Cold Food

If you eat cold food regularly and do not mix up your diet, it could make your gut sensitive to heat. Consuming cold foods consistently and constantly could also shock your body and cause fatigue and sinus infections.

Is Cold Food Harder To Digest?

Cold food is actually harder for the body to digest. You can experience symptoms such as bloating or wind while your body is trying to digest cold foods.

cold strawberry ice cream

Is Cold Food Healthy?

We are not sure if warm food and cold food have a huge difference in nutritional value. Apart from the difference in digestion of cold food and warm food, there is not an overall benefit to just eating warm food rather than cold food for nutritional reasons. If you overcook your food, some food can lose nutritional value. An example of this is vegetables, many people boil vegetables but if they are over-boiled the vegetables can decrease in vitamins and minerals.

cold grapes

Disadvantages Of Eating Cold Food

If you eat cold food permanently and do not have a balanced diet of hot and cold food, you may experience some complications. The disadvantages of eating cold food is that it can send a shock throughout the body leading to symptoms such as digestive sensitivity and fatigue.


Why Do I Only Want To Eat Cold Food?

If you are craving ice food or very cold food all of the time and find it hard to eat warm meals, this could be a sign of psychological stress. This unhealthy eating could also be a sign of obsessive compulsive disorder. If you do not feel that you are stressed or have an obsessive compulsive disorder, then craving food that is iced or cold could also be a sign of a deficiency in iron.

Is It Bad To Eat Cold Food On Your Period?

If you are on your menstrual cycle, it is advised that you should avoid meat and fish. This is due to the stomach having to work hard to break down these kinds of foods. Cold foods will not hurt you if you are on your menstrual cycle and it is advised that fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds should be consumed to strengthen and to calm down the stomach cramps you can get when you are menstruating.

Is It Bad To Eat Cold Food In The Morning?

It will not be bad for your body if you eat cold food in the morning from time to time, as long as you have a balanced diet. We would recommend consuming warm food in the mornings rather than cold food. 

Is It Safe To Eat Cold Food During Covid?

It is unlikely that COVID-19 can be transmitted through consuming food or on the food itself. It is best to practice good hygiene and wash your hands before handling food and even washing the food itself.

Is It Bad To Eat Cold Food When You Have A Cold

You will not need to avoid cold foods if you are suffering with a cold or cold like symptoms. Food that is cold, or served at low temperatures will not make your stomach colder.  Once the digestive system starts to break the food down the heat is generated. Therefore you will start to warm up again. If you are suffering from a cold and fancy eating something very cold like ice cream, go for it.

A Balanced Diet Is Key To Good Health

Eating a cold food based diet can put our digestive system under a lot of stress as it is harder for the body to break down the food. If the body is having to digest cold food consistently then it could cause your stomach to become sensitive to heat and also cause symptoms like fatigue. We would recommend that having a balanced diet is best for the body.

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