Is Coffee Good For Sore Throat? ANSWERED


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Sometimes you just want a nice warm cup of coffee when you’re sick. But is coffee good for a sore throat? For some, the answer is yes, while for others, it is a definite no. So what’s the difference? Join us as we set out to discover why coffee may or may not be a great pick for days when you are experiencing a sore throat.

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Can You Drink Coffee When Sore Throat?

So, is it okay to drink coffee with a sore throat? Technically, yes.

Having a cup of coffee whilst experiencing a sore throat certainly won’t send you to the hospital. It may, however, have irritating effects on an already compromised throat.

Because of the acidic nature of coffee, many find that coffee is too irritating to consume when their throat isn’t feeling its best.

Having said that, some people love the feeling of warm, or even cold, coffee on their throats. In addition, many find the beverage comforting, which is often a much-needed feeling after a day of feeling unwell.

Can I Drink Coffee With Strep Throat?

Yes, you can drink coffee with strep throat.

Strep throat is related to inflammation and bacteria in the throat. When dealing with strep, it is important to drink as many fluids and beverages as possible to stay hydrated. In fact, many sources confirm that both hot and cold liquids are recommended for treating symptoms of soreness while enduring strep throat.

Having said that, people tend to react differently to the acid within the coffee, and thus, for some, coffee may end up making matters worse.

Can I Drink Coffee If I Have Tonsillitis?

Yes, you can drink coffee if you have tonsillitis, though some sources recommend you skip both caffeine and sugars during this time. This is often because caffeine and sugar can instigate mucus build-up may end up irritating your throat.

In addition, if you have found caffeinated, or even decaf coffee, to be bothersome to your throat in the past, you’ll definitely want to avoid coffee as you recover from tonsillitis.

Is Coffee Good for Tonsillitis?

Coffee may be good for tonsillitis.

Similar to questions like, “Is green tea good for diarrhea?” there are many angles to the answer.

As long as you’ve got no sensitivity to caffeine or the acid found in coffee, you are good to go. In fact, both hot and cold beverages can be found to be very soothing for those suffering from tonsillitis.

Still, you will want to be sure to follow your doctor’s advice regarding whether or not coffee is a good idea whilst suffering from tonsillitis.

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Is Hot or Cold Coffee Better For a Sore Throat?

In most cases, both hot and cold coffee can provide relief for a sore throat.

For many, cold drinks and solids both taste delicious and give a welcome numbing effect to the throat that causes the pain to diminish.

For others, the soothing and long-lasting effects of a hot drink, such as hot coffee or tea, are preferred.

So, which is best?

According to Medical News Today, hot drinks provide the best effects with the most long-lasting benefits. However, we recommend going with whichever temperature of coffee feels right to you.

Do Hot Drinks Make Sore Throat Worse?

Whether or not hot drinks can actually make matters worse for those suffering from sore throats remains a hotly debated topic. Studies seem to indicate that both hot tea and coffee can be both beneficial and damaging, depending on the person.

For some, coffee and tea may be dehydrating which causes the body to produce more mucus which then can become irritating to the throat.

For others, coffee and tea provide much-needed relief and hydration for a sore throat, especially when combined with honey.

Our advice is to go with what works best for you.

Is Iced Coffee Good for Sore Throat?

Iced coffee can be good for a sore throat the same way that a cold ice pop can be. However, you’ll want to avoid iced coffee if it has bothered your throat in the past. You also may want to consider grabbing your coffee with less sweetener as sugar on the throat may end up making matters worse.

Other healthy drinks, like cranberry juice, may also prove good for your throat. These juices when chilled can provide the same effect as a cold coffee. And if you’re wondering how to make cranberry juice taste better, just know that it is the acid in cranberry juice, just like coffee, that can make it so acidic and bitter. Still, some find these drinks soothing to a sore throat.

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Is Black Coffee Good For Sore Throat?

Yes, black coffee can be good for sore throat!

Black coffee can be good for a sore throat as long as the one drinking it isn’t bothered by the acidic nature of the coffee itself. In fact, black coffee is best enjoyed this way while you are dealing with a sore throat as coffee with refined sugars and milk may end up doing more harm to your throat than good.

Another idea? Put a couple of teaspoons of honey in your black coffee. This may provide even more relief for your aching sore throat.

Why Does Coffee Make My Throat Dry?

Can Coffee Dry Throat?

Coffee can make your throat dry for a variety of reasons. While it hasn’t yet been confirmed in studies, coffee seems to have a dehydrating, or drying, effect in some people. Add to this the fact that coffee is extremely acidic, and it is no wonder that many people discover their throats to be dry shortly after consuming their daily coffee.

Coffee & Sore Throat FAQs

Can coffee make your throat swell?

Coffee can make your throat swell if you have a severe caffeine allergy. This is known as anaphylaxis. If you experience symptoms of throat swelling, you need to call 911 or get to your nearest hospital, immediately. 

Is coffee bad for dry mouth?

It can be. Because coffee is high in acid and caffeine, it can aggravate symptoms in those who already experience dry mouth

Coffee Can Be Good For a Sore Throat? Sometimes…

The truth is that coffee can be both good and bad for a sore throat. It really depends on the person.

For some, the caffeine and acid in coffee make it a terrible choice for those who are dealing with throat soreness. On the other hand, there are many who love drinking coffee whilst sick as it provides relief from the pain!

Our advice is to simply do what works for you. Also, be sure to follow your doctor’s orders in regards to any guidelines he or she might set forth related to your sore throat or other varying ailments.

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