Does Taro Have Caffeine Content – Boba Milk Tea Facts


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If you’re wondering, “Does taro have caffeine?” you aren’t alone. Many lovers of Taro milk tea wonder the same thing and rightly so. With so many varieties and flavors of tea out there, it can be hard to keep them all straight. So, does Taro have caffeine? I’ll answer that and more in today’s post.

Does Taro Have Caffeine Content – Boba Milk Tea Facts

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What Is Taro Milk Tea?

Taro is a root vegetable with a similar flavor to potatoes. Fresh taro will have a whitish grey, almost purple hue to it, much of which is enhanced by artificial food coloring when you opt to buy taro powder instead of the real thing.

Taro milk tea is usually taro in powdered form mixed with jasmine tea, creamer, milk, or water. In addition, this powdered taro often contains a sweetener of some sort to give it additional flavor. Because of this, taro milk tea isn’t usually adjustable in terms of sweetness.

What Is Taro Made Out Of?

Taro tea can be made in many ways. Outside of combining powdered taro with milk or water, freshly made real taro milk tea is made from taro root, milk, jasmine tea, and sweetener if desired. Because the taro root can often be naturally sweet, you may find yourself not needing to add a ton of sugar to achieve the perfect flavor.

What Is Taro Milk Tea Made Of?

Remember that taro milk tea is made out of taro root, milk, sweetener, and sometimes creamer. However, this ingredient list may vary, depending on what kind of taro tea you’re drinking. In some cases, taro teas contain powders that only require milk or water, as the sweetener is already added to the powder.

To know for sure what your taro milk tea contains, be sure to check the label or ask the one serving it.

Where Is Taro Tea From?

Taro tea originated in Taiwan in the 1980s and quickly spread to become a famous tea all over the globe. It is known to be a type of “bubble tea” and is popular throughout the United States, Asia, and abroad. Today, many boba tea shops (with “boba” being another common name for bubble tea) feature taro milk tea. It is usually mixed with boba pearls, milk, sweeteners, and other ingredients to make wonderfully tasting bubble teas.

Note that some boba teas contain more caffeine than others, depending on the ingredients used.

Does Taro Boba Have Caffeine in It?

Though your typical taro tea won’t have any caffeine, there are some varieties that will.

As previously mentioned, taro tea usually often contains jasmine tea. And because jasmine tea is caffeine free (as is freshly cooked taro and taro in powdered form) you won’t have to worry about this particular tea drink giving you the jitters.

Having said that, there are some instances in which taro boba milk tea may be combined with black or green tea. In this case, your taro is likely to have caffeine. On average, your black and green teas will have 47mg or more in terms of caffeine content. For comparison’s sake, this is about half of the caffeine content you can expect from one cup of coffee.

Still, your average taro tea blended with green or black tea will only contain a portion of black or green tea which means the caffeine level may be less than if you drink these straight.

Does Taro Root Have Caffeine?

No, natural taro root does not naturally have caffeine.

Does Taro Milk Tea Have Caffeine?

Taro milk tea does not usually have caffeine. However, this does not mean that all taro teas won’t have any. When taro is combined with other drinks that contain caffeine (such as green or black tea) you can expect the drink to have a caffeine content of 47 mg or higher.

Does Taro Bubble Tea Have Caffeine?

No, taro bubble tea doesn’t usually have caffeine. But depending on the ingredients in this bubble tea favorite, you may find a bit of caffeine lurking in certain taro tea types.

Does Taro Powder Have Caffeine?

No, taro powder doesn’t typically have caffeine. In fact, taro milk tea is usually gluten-free and caffeine-free. Still, it is always best to check the label to make sure.

Does Taro Smoothie Have Caffeine?

Taro smoothies don’t normally have caffeine. The only way they would is if the one making the drink were to put something caffeinated in it (such as green or black tea leaves).

Does Taro Latte Have Caffeine?

A taro latte may or may not have caffeine. If any coffee or caffeinated teas were added, then you can expect your taro milk tea to have some caffeine. If not, then your taro latte isn’t likely to be caffeinated.

Does Taro Milk Have Caffeine?

No, taro milk does not have caffeine. That is, unless it has black or green tea added to it. Then, you might expect your taro milk tea to have a little caffeine in it.

Does Taro Have Caffeine Content – Boba Milk Tea Facts

How Much Caffeine Does Taro Milk Tea Have?

Taro boba milk tea will likely have 0mg of caffeine. If combined with a caffeinated black or green tea, however, the taro milk tea may have as much as 47 mg or more in each cup.

How Much Caffeine Does Taro Milk Tea Have?

Taro milk tea doesn’t usually have caffeine unless it is combined with green tea or black tea.

How Much Caffeine Does Taro Ice Tea Have?

Taro iced tea isn’t likely to have caffeine unless it is blended with black tea, green tea, or another tea with caffeine.

Taro ice milk tea isn’t likely to have caffeine. Still, you may encounter a Taro boba tea that has black or green tea in it. In this case, you may expect your taro to have about half the amount of caffeine in it as a cup of coffee. The exact amount will vary depending on who is making it, the ingredients, and the size of the drink.

Is Taro Drink Good for You?

Yes, taro drink can be good for you. This is because taro root vegetables are already packed with Vitamin C, healthy carbohydrates, and other health benefits.

Among the many advantages of consuming taro drinks include:

  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin E
  • Dietary fiber
  • Reduction in weight
  • Maintaining proper digestion

Though the benefits of consuming taro and taro-containing drinks are many, there are some aspects of consuming the drink you should be aware of. For example, there are some taro teas, or taro powders, that don’t contain any taro at all. These typically have added coloring and flavors that mimic the taro tea taste, without any of the added benefits that drinking fresh taro tea would bring.

In addition, you’ll want to make sure to only consume taro teas that are heavily sweetened on occasion. Drinking too much of this can lead to weight gain, an increased risk for diabetes, and other unsavory health effects.

How To Make Taro Milk Tea

Everyone makes taro tea a little differently depending on what they are using. If you want to make it from fresh taro rather than powdered, check out the video below to learn exactly what you should do!

Types of Taro Milk Tea

Taro milk tea has a flavor all its own. Many describe it as slightly vanilla, with similar tastes to that of purple yam. Along with this, taro milk tea is sometimes combined with black or green tea making its flavor a bit sharper and more complex, but still utterly delicious.

Of course, adding green or black tea is going to cause the caffeine content of taro tea to fluctuate radically. If you’re very concerned, be sure to ask whoever is serving the tea for the caffeine content or ingredients list, in order to determine just how much caffeine is in your taro drink.

Does Taro Have Caffeine Content

Does Taro Have Caffeine? Usually, No!

In your typical taro milk tea, you shouldn’t expect there to be much if any caffeine in it. Remember that taro itself is caffeine-free, and these cute little drinks with floating tapioca pearls in them usually only contain caffeine if black or green tea is added.

I hope this helps answer the question, “Does taro have caffeine?” Until next time! 


Which milk tea has no caffeine?

Taro milk tea doesn’t have caffeine. Rooibos or “red” teas would also be a great caffeine-free boba milk tea selection.

Does milk tea have caffeine?

It can. It usually just depends on the ingredients used.

Does boba have caffeine?

If the boba contains tea with caffeine in it, then yes, it may have caffeine.

Is taro milk tea good for you?

It can be! But you’ll want to make sure there is actually taro in it and that it isn’t heavily sweetened for it to be considered truly healthy.

Does taro milk tea have caffeine?

Taro milk tea only has caffeine if it’s made from caffeinated ingredients (like black tea). Otherwise, it should be caffeine-free.

Does taro root have caffeine?

No, taro root does not have caffeine.

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