Does Red Wine Make Your Poop Dark? ANSWERED


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Red wine is one of the most enjoyed beverages across the country and is just what is needed after a long day’s work. Although red wine is full of health benefits when drunk moderately it can also have some strange effects on your body. Many people who are regular wine drinkers often ask themselves, does red wine make your poor dark?

In this article we will explore if red wine can make your poop black and what to do if it does.

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Can Red Wine Cause Black Stools?

If you have noticed that you have started to have black stools you would not be wrong in coming to the conclusion that drinking red wine may be the cause. Red wine can actually change the texture and color of your poop. Red wine is high in anthocyanin or tannin. Therefore this is why the red wine causes your poop to turn a black color.

Black stools can be caused by other things in your diet too but red wine is one of the most common beverages to change the shade of your poop. If red wine is changing the shade of your poop, this is not harmful in any way. Even if you think it may be red wine making your poop look black, it may be best to check as it could be an underlying health issue.

The best way to check this is to cut out red wine from your diet for two to three weeks to see if there is any difference or seek medical advice from a doctor.

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Does Red Wine Affect Bowel Movements?

Yes, drinking red wine can affect your bowel movement and make you go more regularly. Red wine can even change the texture and color of your poop. This is because drinking lots of red wine can irritate the intestinal lining causing diarrhea.

Any type of alcohol can make your digestive system work faster than it usually would. The content of your stomach will pass through your small and large intestines faster.

Can Alcohol Change The Color Of Your Stool?

The quick answer is yes, alcohol – especially red wine – can change the color of your poop and make it darker. Although, there may be other possible reasons why your poop is being caused to turn black.

If red wine is the cause of your poop turning black this is actually very harmless. You do not need to be concerned about your health. If you have noticed that your poop is black even when you are drinking a lower amount of red wine then your black poop may be a sign of other health issues, such as an underlying problem in your bowel.

A condition called Bowel ischemia could be the cause for your consistent darker shade of poop. Bowel ischemia is a condition that has a restriction of blood flowing to the intestines. This can result in your stools looking very black. These blood circulation issue could also be happening in your digestive system. If you believe this is the case it is best to seek medical advice quickly.

If you are unsure of what may be causing your poop to look dark then there are a couple of things you can try.

Here is a list of things you can try if your poop is a black shade:

  • Cut out red wine from your diet: To experiment to see if it is red wine that is causing your poop to turn black you can try cutting it out of your diet for two weeks. See if your poop changes back to a more normal color.
  • Drink lots of water: By drinking water you can help your poop change back to its normal color. Water can keep your stool pass through your body easier.
  • Change your diet: Changing your diet and eating more foods that are rich in fiber can help lighten the color of stools. We would recommend eating lots of fruit and veg daily to see if this makes a difference.
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Is Red Wine Good For Ibs?

If you drink dry red wine it can be a great choice for people who suffer from IBS. This is because it is low in FODMAPs.

If your wine is low on FODMAPs It may have less of an irritating impact on the stomach if you suffer from IBS. Although, alcohol can irritate the digestive system as it can change how the body absorbs fluids. This could actually irritate the bowel and cause diarrhea or constipation.

Which Red Wine Is Good For Stomach?

The best red wines that you can drink that will be good for your stomach are merlot and low alcohol red wine.

Both merlot and low alcohol red wine have positive effects on the intestinal bacteria. This is in general good for your gut. Red wine is good for the intestinal bacteria as it contains polyphenol compounds. These polyphenol compounds are found in many foods and drinks and are great for our health.


Is It Bad If Your Poop Is Really Dark?

If your poop is very dark it can be a sign that something is not quite right in your body. Black poop can be a sign that something is wrong in your GI tract. Black poop could be an indicator of bleeding within your gastrointestinal tract. If you are worried about how often your poop is dark you should seek medical advice to rule out if it is your gastrointestinal tract causing your dark poop.

Red Wine Can Make Your Poop Dark!

Yes, it is true. Red wine can actually make your poop dark! If this is the case there is nothing to worry about. Your stools being black is not something that needs to be acted on.

If you believe it is not red wine making your poop dark, it is best to seek medical help from a doctor.

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