cooking for every day: two-minute noodles

Sunday Dinner

when you need a summer lunch

the communal plate

getting my groove back

easy easter salad platter

my favourite meal of the year

family feasts

chicken soup for the resting soul

when we make it

when in sweden…kale!


birthday food


easiest ribs ever

when in sweden…smoothies!

whole30, paleo, pasta, italy

growing up, refrigerators, dinner, easter

drinking, spinach, toddlers

simple mezze

chicken adobo & the philippines

fun comparison friday: baking at home

fun comparison friday: veggies vs. meat

fun comparison friday: homemade pizza dough

silence tastes…

when life gives you…

one set of ingredients, three meals

an ode to love

when you needed it most

when you need a detox

bucket lists and bread

bowls of spaghetti


a summery, crumbly, crisp

a husband-approved salad

the post where I bake gluten-free and wax philosophical

aunty’s chicken

a curry for all

roasted veggie salad

partying with the very hungry caterpillar

decorating the very hungry caterpillar cake

the very hungry caterpillar birthday party

a humble curry



the balance of gratitude

no-salt soup


an amazing salad

dairy-less sauce

how does your garden grow?

a multi-ethnic breakfast porridge

daily suppers

open table

fruit and herbs

warm weather, where art thou?

pizza toppings

veggie winner

baby food, revisited

chocolate delights

a zingy condiment

terrific tagine

easy dinner

a trip-down-memory-lane muffin

fiesta salsa

winter food

far away lands

ruby love

veggie delights

make this now

in search of a sauce

avocados and lime

an unapologetic muffin

on baking

starting the day

cleaning up

a friendly wrap

travel food

getting lent

a make-shift salsa

simple food


baby food

good morning chai

lovely legs

pumpkin tears

melting cheese

to hold in our hands

a new spin on spag

german cooking

date night

thai again

asparagus moments

drinking spring

fish soup

an exotic moment

finding nemo

naughty but nice

ruby red salad

christmas food

a complete lentil: food inspired by advent

joseph’s stew: food inspired by advent

orange chicken

curry soup

almost mix-less mexican

ode to melbourne and “pumpkin”

thai rice

tasty tapas

love cous cous

a deep curry

asian eggs


green and orange stir fry

gourmet pizza with…

european cheese melt

salmon for one

salmon & salsa

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