I’m a Christian: Here’s why I started meditating

ask for more

remembering the oppressed at christmas

Notes to Younger self growing up

when doing everything right is no longer…right

when hospitality is a safe place for waiting: a grace table post

trust and obey

truth for fearful times

why I don’t carry on

we wait for fire

when our heartbreak lets in light

what the archbishop taught me about identity

face your pain

welcome to melbourne

grace abounds

day 29: giving thanks

day 27: perspective

day 26: The In Between

day 25: transition inspiration

day 18: transition inspiration

day 13: ebenezers and what we leave behind

day 11: transition inspiration

day 4: transition inspiration

the place that I remember

the far side of the sea

peonies and other things

write it down, wait it out

50 shades of emptiness

anniversaries and new beginnings

revisiting sabbath

The Church in Australia, part 1

the clothes we wear

journal entry

Not Alone

Holy Sunday Mornings + Blueberry Crumble

jet lag challenge

the languages of God

church in the airport

early dedication

around the world

living church {a 31 Days Journey}

revisiting the rock

silence the noise

missing music class

an easter miracle

so, you’re religious?

lent thoughts + homemade vegetable bouillon

february 4

number 852

resting, resting

loved through the year

parenting on the road to bethlehem

a baby, a child






early mornings, weather, stockholm

parting, letting go, geneva, stockholm

children, sleep, loneliness

newborns, needs, listening, God

bus, boat, lake, longing

hot cross buns, moments, traditions, Easter, resurrection

tantrums, longings, fulfillment

guns, fears, illusions


going with gratitude

fertility, pain, advent

a baby, a child

running away and not getting far

making room for beauty

make room

seasons of thankfulness

day 31: the vows we make

day 30: laundry, a case study

day 29: the practice of thankfulness

day 25: now what?

day 22: rock by rock

day 20: full stop

day 18: step 1

day 17: right and wrong

day 16: a trip to the zoo

day 15: lance armstrong

day 13: life without comparison

day 4: reasons to change

day 3: what comparison takes from us

day 2: definitions

31 days away from comparison island

time is a healer

more thoughts on the internet and watermelon salad

what are we losing?

ponder anew

bath time revelations

prophecies and dreams

wholly weak

a collection of thoughts


bird watching


geneva calling

a familiar path


a new year

a reflective sandwich

a week late: joy

peace he gives


he is coming

daily bread & butter

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