Welcome. In the noisy and crowded world of the internet, I’m grateful you chose to drop in here.

I’m Devi, a writer from many different corners of the world. I’m a former journalist, but now I write about food, family and faith at the table. Often that looks like stories about what it means to be a neighbour, the daily work of wrestling with faith, grief and loss and asking questions about the happenings in our world today. I write from a middle space, in between cultures and ideas and faith and desire. Maybe you’re looking out into the world and wondering where you fit in it, maybe you’re wondering where to find the life you imagined you would have, maybe you’re watching our world unfold and are terrified of the ugliness. We have our questions and our fears, I write through those things here, and I’m looking for a hopeful space, running after a hopeful vision.

Want to know more?

Here’s the reason for the name My Daily Bread & Butter.

You can browse my recipe archives here, and this post will give you my big-picture thoughts about food. Our daily food comes mostly from cookbooks, recipes found in my monthly delicious. magazine, and from different blogs I love.

31 Days of Notes to a New Mum is a series I wrote in October 2013 that describes my motherhood journey.

Falling Forward: 31 Days of Thoughts and Tips on Transition is a series I wrote in 2015 about moving and transitions.

My husband and I take the photographs for this blog unless otherwise noted. All of the photographs and words on this site are owned by Devi Abraham, please be kind and do not reprint or use anything without my permission.