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Baby, Little Boy, Husband and I had scrambled eggs and avocado for breakfast, we cleared the plates, put Baby down for his nap, then got to work. Husband fired up the barbecue outside, Little Boy ran around as, Papas große Helfer (Papa’s big helper), and I stood between my kitchen counter picking basil leaves, toasting pine nuts, chopping and roasting aubergines, washing yams and cucumbers, slicing fennel, shaking dressings up in jars, and generally having the most fun I’ve had in a long time in the kitchen.

It’s taken four years for me to realize that Easter lunch is my favourite meal to cook and eat every year. Perhaps after the long European winters, a spring celebration makes me feel more alive, the weather has usually been beautiful, sunny and warm. Remembering the meaning of Easter also resonates with me more than the typical feasts do, and every year we have made the intentional choice to stay home for the long weekend and invite people to our table for this special day.


Whatever the reason, I love our Easter meal, and this year was no exception. It was a warm day, we took our dining table outside and ate in the sun. The leg of lamb, which we normally roast, Husband first sealed on the barbecue. Little Boy spun the basil dry in the spinner (one of his favourite kitchen tasks), and I prepared the salads. Family feasts are so much more fun when everyone is involved.

Cooking our Easter meal is usually the thing that takes me out of the winter food slump and into a spring of asparagus greens and rhubarb pinks. The colours, textures, the crunch, it all shouts, LIFE. LIfe is here. New life is here.

We welcome it with open arms.

drink salad

salad 3

salad 2

(Recipes to come later in the week. )