These thoughts, these words have sat in my soul for months upon months aching to get out but with no release, and the truth is I have barely been able to write anything else as I’ve seen the reports from Syria and so many other places broken by ongoing conflicts. The faces of its victim are in my mind still, and their stories in my heart.

Undoubtedly you know that the civil war tearing Syria to pieces continues, a humanitarian disaster unfolding as each of us live our lives. Over 100,000 lives lost, chemical weapons used against innocent civilians, horrific reports of the torture of children and the elderly (and others), over two million registered refugees, and internally displaced over six million Syrians.

This is a heartbreaking human disaster that devastates Syrian lives today and the generations that will follow. 

These are events that demand my attention and my action, and may I be honest? They demand your attention and your action as well. Immediately. Now. And for those of us who say we follow Jesus, who say we love Jesus, our love requires our actions. This isn’t something “out there” happening to “those people.” We may not know their names or stories, but we share their humanity, and we can do something. 

You and I can’t make peace in Syria, but there hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees pouring into Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey and thousands more who are trying to get out for the sake of their lives and who are unable. They are facing the coldest winter in 30 years, and they will live through it in tents, huddling together to keep warm.

Via Twitter, I found out about Shoes for Syrian Refugees, an appeal by Think Eternity (read the story here). There’s less than two days left in this campaign and just under $2,000 left to raise. All of the money goes to grassroots organizations working with refugees.

Here are a few more organizations that need resources to continue the work they are doing in Syria:

World Vision Australia


World Food Programme

International Rescue Committee

Doctors Without Borders

Friends, this is a no brainer. If you believe in God, pray for Syria. Whatever your beliefs are, give. Give whatever you can. This is a time for action.

We can all do something now.