I am away from our home for two weeks, and in lieu of daily writing, I’m running a series called Travel Diaries, with excerpts from my travel journal from the year I spent traveling around the world. I left Melbourne, Australia on September 16, 2008 to spend a year away from my home visiting friends, family, making new friends and visiting far away lands. These excerpts are as accurate as can be with the more shocking typos edited for my own pride’s sake. 

Thursday 06 November 2008

Toronto, Canada

I can’t believe I didn’t write anything in here during my week in D.C. It was a crazy week [Elections 2008], every day full with people, places and emotions. As much as there’s a part of me that felt at home there, I still feel hardened, just after one week.

The election madness was pretty incredible, but more than anything else, it felt seriously anti-climactic. Not really as grand as I had hoped, more cliched than I feared. I’m happy that Barack Obama is president, but I’m ready to see what he will do.