I am away from our home for two weeks, and in lieu of daily writing, I’m running a series called Travel Diaries, with excerpts from my travel journal from the year I spent traveling around the world. I left Melbourne, Australia on September 16, 2008 to spend a year away from my home visiting friends, family, making new friends and visiting far away lands. These excerpts are as accurate as can be with the more shocking typos edited for my own pride’s sake. 

Tuesday 14 October 2008

Fayetteville, Arkansas

The best place on earth. I love being back in Arkansas. It always feels like I’m coming home when I’m here.

Tuesday 28 October 2008

Siloam Springs, Arkansas

Last Wednesday night I went back to Siloam and Rebekah gave me an insider’s view of Siloam. My first after spending four years there. We ended with a trip to Barnett’s for burgers and ice cream.

Thursday, I DROVE TO TULSA. It was an unreal experience. It felt so good. [I had never driven in the U.S. before.]

Friday was more of JBU then a drive to Little Rock. Those few days are the closest to stress I’ve felt on this trip. A good reminder to myself that when I have more control over my life – DRIVING – I tend to try to do more. Instead of just doing a few things, I overdo it. I love these little character lessons.

Then I spent the weekend with Kyle and Amy. It was easily the best weekend I’ve had in a long time. We had a great time together just laughing and laughing.