When I find a good thing, it’s all I want for a season. Salmon is that thing right now, and I hope I’m not going to be sick of it after this week is done. Husband loves smoked salmon, and I do too. It’s also perfect in the summer. The 300 gram pack of it in the fridge got used for my lunch (on toast) and our breakfast (with scrambled eggs on toast). Last night I put it on pizza.

I found Taste* the last year I was in Australia, and it became the source of my recipes. Everything I’ve made from this site has been a success (I do pick carefully and read the user reviews as well). The gourmet pizza with salmon recipe stood out to me because it was simple, had few ingredients and I’ve never made something like it before.

I have no idea how to find yeast in Switzerland, so I skipped making my own pizza dough. Finding a pre-made crust at Coop turned out to be easier than I thought.

Devi: (to a shop assistant) Pardon. Bonjour. Je cherche pour…les pizzas..pour le..le.. (gestures with hand something under) – in English: Excuse me. Hi. I’m looking for … the pizzas.. for the.. the.. (gestures, etc.).

Ready-made pizza dough is available in Switzerland, and now I know what it’s called – le pate (with an accent on the a). This recipe was a plus for another reason, homemade pizza sauce. It was simple – onions, garlic, fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, salt and pepper. It would also make for an excellent tomato base sauce for pasta – I’ll be using this recipe for a while and creating variations of it.

Husband rated this pizza as a five out of five. I loved it. All the main ingredients are uncooked on top of the baked pizza, so it’s summery, fresh and fun. The smoked salmon is strong, but the tart dill mayonnaise takes the edge off the fishiness. Coop didn’t have baby spinach; I used watercress instead – at least, I think it was watercress. I’m not sure about that, actually. The leaves were small and green.

Prep time for the sauce was 15 minutes, and it takes 40 minutes to cook. Cooking the pizza with the tomato sauce was probably 15 minutes, assembly of the pizza about 5 minutes. Technically this took “longer” to cook, but it really doesn’t seem like it at all because it was so simple.

  • Smoked salmon pizza with dill mayonnaise I skipped the cheese on the pizza because I think cheese and fish is a strange combination. I loved it with the “watercress,” so if I make it again, I don’t know that I would use baby spinach. The mayonnaise was creamy, light tasting (not feeling) and tart, and for me it made the pizza. We both thought that the pizza was heavier on the tummy than expected, which we attributed to the mayo (I might use a light mayo next time).
  • Pizza base and tomato sauce we don’t have a food processor, so our sauce was straight out of the pan and chunky. We loved biting into bits of onion and garlic, and I’m not sure we would put it through a processor now even if we had one.

* For other people’s recipes (books or online), I won’t be putting the specifics of the recipe on here because of copyright reasons and that sort of thing, so click on the link and it will take you to the recipe. If I put the specifics of how I made the dish or meal, it’s my own “invention.”