I have nothing against cows and milk products. Gelato puts a big smile on my face as does some cheeses, and during my pregnancy I drank half a litre of milk every day. I couldn’t get enough of it. But when it comes to cooking, I prefer sauces that don’t have cream and have a lighter taste.

Sauces don’t need cream for good taste. I’ve found the combination of tasty veggies, white wine and stock to be more than enough for a light, delicious sauce that tastes great with pasta or rice. This dinner is as basic and easy as it gets. It’s a good choice for a mid-week supper, and we usually toss it with pasta. Lots of other veggies could be added to it, but I like this combination (and Small One does, too).

  • Easy Chicken    Cube chicken breast and brown in a pan with olive oil until all pieces are sealed and then set aside. Add some oil to the pan and put in sliced mushrooms with crushed garlic (if I had an onion, I would have fried that in the oil first). After a few minutes, add some vegetable stock (I always add white wine at this point, but we were out, so I went straight to the stock), and add the chicken back to the pan and let it all bubble together. This is where  I would add herbs and spices depending on which direction you want to go with the dish. Yesterday I added a chopped chili for heat, but I kept it simple and left it at that. At the very end, I put in a cube of frozen spinach and let it dissolve and mixed the whole thing together.

No, really. How does your garden grow? Because mine sure doesn’t. Don’t be deceived by the lovely little basil plant. It is only three weeks – I think – old, and I’m sure that in a few weeks time it will be at death’s door, much like its friends dead thyme, rosemary, parsley and mint. Yes, that’s right. Mint. I could not keep even a mint plant, mint the weed of all plants, mint the one that grows with zero skill required, that mint, that’s the one that died last summer after a few weeks on our balcony.

The benefits of growing herbs and veggies don’t need to be spelled out here; it’s so obvious, but I have struggled mightily to sustain green life in our home. I come from good gardening stock. My grandmother could have brought a dead plant to life, and my father has green hands. I keep thinking that he’ll visit us in Switzerland and set up a veggie patch on our balcony one summer and leave me with an instruction manual about how to maintain it. Or just teach my children how to do it. Yeah, the second option.

The only reason for the presence of the photographed basil plant is that Husband bought it instead of a bunch of basil. He told me that the bunch of basil was 2.20 CHF, while the plant was 3.50 CHF, so it was technically more economical even if it only lived for two weeks. So far the plant has not brought any disappointment, and I am managing to water it and every now and then give it sun. The weather has still been painfully cold – with some warm and bright spots – so it remains indoors for now.

So if anyone has suggestions about how to keep my wee basil plant alive, do send them my way (along with a gardener any other gardening tips you might have).

This week in my head…

1. It’s dark, the strobe lights are flashing, music is pumping, photos of the Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block are projected in rapid sequence on the screen, circular platforms rise into the air from the stage, as the music builds and smoke fills the stage, we see the unmistakable silhouettes of the famous, the high-pitched screams begin, embarrassed husbands everywhere stuff their hands into pockets and sigh. And we’re on our feet ready to greet our boy band evening as the air fills with the familiar strains of …. “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay. (Watch it herehere and here if you don’t believe me.)

2. I hope Chris Martin got payed a lot of money for that one.

3. I didn’t take my camera because I presumed photos and videos would not be allowed. I was wrong. I guess these guys can’t get enough publicity right now?

4. Twelve years later, “I Want It That Way” still doesn’t make any sense.

5. Howie D’s Backstreet Tour of Israel. You can’t make this stuff up.

6. An interesting article deconstructing Boy Bands of the 90s (warning: bad language).

7. Thanks to the previous article – here’s your new boy band fix of the day. You’re welcome.

And in non-boy band related happenings..

8. This week marked my 100th post, and it feels good to keep going in my blogging challenge for 2012. I’ve written daily the majority of week days for the past few months now, and it has been both easy and challenging, annoying and fun, but most of all it has provided a necessary release. Thank you for reading.

9. I slept with a head of wet hair and woke up with glorious curls and no colds, so there’s the evidence you need that the whole “sick with wet hair” thing isn’t true. Of course Husband made sure the window was closed that night. He’s pretty amazing like that.

10. Sweet potato plus lentils plus tomatoes plus some other things equals one of the tastiest (and most filling) salads I’ve had in a long time. Recipe next week.

This is a story that begins with a crying baby by the bathtub and ends with a crying mommy by the bathtub. Ready? Ok.

Small One loves taking baths. He normally fusses when I take his clothes off, but as soon as I throw the towel on him, Small One knows – bath time is coming. He cannot contain his delight, the squeals come out of his smiling mouth, and I have to avoid getting kicked by his happy legs. Once in the bath, he plays with a singing German duck, eats the water thermometer and splashes around. He’s been sitting up in it unassisted for a while, and now crawls around in the water.

During the day he will often wander into the bathroom, pull himself up on the side of the tub and make “Eh eh eh” noises, his grunting way of saying that he wants in. He wants a bath.

I did not give him a bath for three nights in a row, so last evening the longing for one must have burned a bit more deeply into his little being. He was standing next to the tub, holding on and looking in as I filled it with water and checked the temperature.

Then he started crying and hitting the side of the tub and looking at me with upturned angry, mournful eyes, big tears rolling down his cheeks.

If he could talk, I think he would have said,  I love baths, why won’t you put me in? I need a bath, why haven’t I had one in the past few days? This is the highlight of my day – I don’t understand why you are tempting me like this. You aren’t nice. You are mean to me. You are unkind. You don’t love me. 

Small One has no idea that in five minutes he will be splashing around happily in the tub. He has no idea that I am filling it to the right height and making sure it’s not too hot and not too cold. For him. 

All of my effort, it is for him to enjoy in five minutes. 

He cannot comprehend this, and in the moment, in this brief moment, his full reality is consumed by what he sees to be true – his mother is keeping him from the thing he loves most.

I talk to him, I tell him that it’s coming, Only five more minutes, kiddo, Mommy is just making sure that the water is not too warm, I don’t want you to get burned. I touch his head and stroke his hair, Oh kiddo, it’s ok, I’m here. You’re ok. You’re going to have your bath soon. 

And soon enough the tears are rolling down my cheeks as well because I am hearing the voice of my Parent in my heart saying the same things, Oh kiddo.. if you only knew how much I love you, if you only knew what is coming in your life, if you only knew that I am not depriving you of what you want or what you think that you need, if you could wait.. just keep waiting, a little while longer, only a little while longer Devi, you cannot imagine the good plans I have for your life. 

I carry a crying baby out of the bathroom, put a still-crying baby on the change table, take off the clothes of a baby that continues to cry until the towel is thrown on him, then he is happy. He knows what comes next.

I lower him into his bath – water at the perfect height, warm enough to keep him happy but not hurt him, his toys perfectly arranged for him to play with – and he squeals, he laughs, he giggles. He is so happy. He gives me his cheeky, flirty eyes, and we play peek-a-boo on either side of the tub.

We are all waiting for something. Security, healing, a job, children, a spouse, a new location, money, possessions, a new body, more money, and the frustrations, anger, pain and fear that come with waiting, I find, more often than not we direct toward the people whom we think are responsible for bringing those things to fulfillment. God is the one who has born the brunt of my intense emotions, and every time he has carried his crying child out of the bathroom, to the change table, and then back again I have forgotten the very basic truth – he was with me, and there was always something good on the other side of the waiting.

I gave Small One an extra-long bath yesterday. It had been too many days, and to be honest, I just like listening to him squealing his little heart out. I watch him, and the tears flow freely for me as my own parent heart breaks a little bit. Being able to give my child something that brings him pure joy is the best feeling in the whole entire world, and what I feel is a small reflection of the image of the only perfect Parent who also loves to bring his children joy, and if I just keep listening closely, I know what he is saying.

Five minutes. Wait a little bit longer. I have not left you. I am with you. Wait a little bit longer. 

Today is the second day of May, and Small One and I ventured out this morning in the rain, I in my boots and coat, him in his bear suit, because it was around 15 degrees (Celsius), and honestly I was ready to have a bad day. The list against this day was long: the weather (obviously), only six hours of sleep, the possibility of a missed nap time because of a doctor’s appointment, and have I already mentioned the weather? Are you sure? It was cold and rainy, very cold and rainy, and it’s May. I just want to make sure you understand.

So as I sat on the bus and prepared for the bad day to come, I sat next to a Filipino lady, and we started talking. Two things happened – we had a lovely conversation, and we had that conversation in Tagalog, a language I used to speak fluently. While I can still understand it almost perfectly, my ability to speak has considerably diminished, but today the Tagalog rolled off my tongue, and it felt great. I got off the bus, and I felt good – happy, even – and had a great visit with the doctor. On the way home, I stopped at a Moroccan cum Tunisian cum Algerian cum a whole lot of other things patisserie for a chocolate croissant and gazelle’s horns (a Moroccan pastry).

After living in the French part of Switzerland for now almost-two years, I can tell you with absolute certainty that there are very few bad things in the world that cannot be remedied by consumption of a chocolate croissant.

We returned home with Small one giggling and screeching to himself; he took his morning nap, and I came across a particularly encouraging blog post and a song that is giving me a frame for this time in my life.

This is a long and circular way of saying that I was going to have a bad day except that it became a great day, and the weather never changed.

There is no moral to this story – at least, not yet – but I am thankful to feel thankful right now at 2:28pm instead of grumpy. This soup makes me think of this day; you think it’s going to be a jolt of tasteless, gross health, but instead it surprises you with its smooth, delicious flavour with some tart pops from the tomato and the crunch of the asparagus.

  • Potato, Leek and Asparagus Soup      I made this soup last year, and this time I combined it with part of this recipe. Basically I sauteed an onion, then added the leeks and eventually added potato and covered it with water plus salt and bay leaves. Adding veggie stock would make the flavour fuller, but I didn’t do that this time. In the mean time, I roasted the asparagus in olive oil. When all is cooked, I threw it all into our blender minus the tips of the asparagus. I saved those and mixed it in when the whole thing was blended, and I added sun dried tomatoes into the bowls. Delicious, nutritious, and simple.