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Several weeks ago, I was sitting on the grass watching the light shine on the Baltic Sea and the words write themselves on my heart, Get off social media, and it feels like freedom. It feels really, really good. That was July, and I deactivated Facebook a week ago and deleted Instagram and Twitter from my phone. What does it feel like in reality? I still can’t decide.

I walked into the kitchen of our AirBnB host in Helsingør, and my first thought was, I need to post a photo of this. These are the thoughts perhaps that concerned me about my social media intake and output. I could see that I wasn’t appreciating life’s little moments for the sake of appreciating them but I was looking for what to share. There’s nothing wrong with sharing, but I cannot help myself. I am an in real life sort of person. The virtual thing has never appealed to me. Blogging only works because it is a means to share words and ideas, if it wasn’t for that, I would probably quit this space, too.

So hello there, the handful of you who are reading this now that I can’t share this post on any platform. It feels good to “see” you a bit more clearly perhaps? I’m typing on Husband’s laptop by the way, and it’s a Swedish keyboard and a PC, basically I am really struggling. And apologies for some weird text things and typos.

I know that most of the posts I’ve written lately are of the more reflective, heavy nature, but I am hoping in the next weeks and maybe months that there will be more every day writing happening here, not just the serious things, but also the fun, quirky and every day stuff and perhaps a rant or two. Ok, probably more than just two. There are a few soapboxes I’ve been itching to stand on, and I will probably go ahead and do that. Likely the PC typing is going to keep me a bit shorter as well, and that is probably a good thing.

Whoever you are and whatever reason you come here to read, just know that I am thankful for you, and I am hoping to honor your presence with more words here in the weeks to come, and if you want to tell me who you are in the comments,  I promise I will say hi back.

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