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I spent last week in North America, in Atlanta as part of the Catalyst conference and in Toronto visiting family. Yesterday was my first day back, today my first day “back to work” with the boys, so to speak. Jet lag isn’t a terrible companion for me, at least not with a six-hour time difference, but it’s still not easy especially with my people who don’t exactly let me take naps during the day.

So in absence of a “real” blog post today, I give you a challenge instead, a jet lag challenge.

Who is someone you know today who needs some encouragement? Comfort? Presence? Can you call them up or write a note or take a meal? Give something of yourself to build them up. 

You won’t regret it and perhaps you’ll even gain something yourself.

Living Church is part of Write 31 Days,  I’m writing for the 31 days of October, and this is day 7. If you want to read the whole series, please start here to find all the links. 

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