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Living Church, the two words that sat in my soul for the past 11 months when I thought about October 2014. I finished writing Confessions of  a New Mum, and as I went into November and then December and as 2013 became 2014, those two words stayed in my heart. Living Church. I didn’t know what it meant, but I knew that when October 1, 2014 rolled around, I would be searching myself, looking back, looking inside, looking forward and writing about it.

Well the start date is here, and I still don’t know what I will be writing. It will be part autobiography, an honest storyteller’s take on the subject, and another part hopeful prophecy, turning my eyes toward the future, calling forth beauty and truth. This is what I want my life to be like, and these are the eyes through which I want to see Living Church.

Living, I want a part of me that died a few years ago, I want it to come back to life, to be able to trust again that the pieces of the puzzle are safe in hands larger and stronger than mine.

Will you join me? Will you bring whatever has died in your life, will you bring your story, your honesty, and can we do this journey together? Wherever you’re coming from, your faith background and spiritual journey is welcome here. I pray that the next 31 days of traveling my life will empower you to do the same with yours.

Day 2          Around the World

Day 3          Early Dedication

Day 4          Sunday Dinner

Day 5          (no post for Sunday)

Day 6          Church in the Airport

Day 7          The Languages of God

Day 8          Jet Lag Challenge

Day 9          Holy Sunday Mornings + Blueberry Crumble

Day 10        Not Alone

Day 11         Journal Entry

Day 12        (no post for Sunday)

Day 20       The Church in Australia, part 1

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