I didn’t quite meet my 2012 goal of blogging five days a week, but there was still lots of writing, cooking and thinking that took place last year. Here are a few of the posts that sat inside of me but never made it out.

Santa Claus, Jesus, advent

How Santa is really just an incomplete version of Jesus. We want someone who remembers us, who gives us what we want, who sees us when we’re sleeping and knows when we’re awake, who makes a time of year special.. but then we want him to leave us alone.

Christmas gifts in our home

We have only a few and simple ones, and we try to keep the focus on giving. (The photo is Small One opening his present from us, a plate, bowl and cup with construction vehicles around the border. Construction sites are one of his favourite things.)

Newtown, guns, America, Christians

One day I’ll be in heaven with God, and I’m going to ask him why American Christians believed that owning an assault weapon was a human right to which they were entitled. I’m fairly certain it’s only God who could explain this madness.

Pregnancy, health, weight gain

The post about pregnancy and how it taught me to respect my body and make it strong because my body is taking care of itself and another life. Both are important.

Why we haven’t spanked

Not why we won’t spank, just why we have not spanked Small One. Husband and I are still undecided about this method of discipline, but we are thankful that the methods we have used with our little son seem to be working so far.


There were many dishes cooked that never made it to this blog either because of my own forgetfulness or because the camera was in Small One’s room, and I didn’t want to wake him up. Veggie lasagna, cranberry cheesecake bundt cake, delightful smoothie concoctions, lomo saltado, and many, many more.

Stay at home moms, working moms

Why I think it’s a lot harder to be a working mom, and why I have no problem saying that as a stay at home mom.

Discipline, love, Christian parenting

It’s hard to get anything out of Christian parenting resources that don’t seem to be fear-driven, meaning they all seem to be addressing the question: “How do we make sure our children don’t grow up and ______?” (insert the main sins Christian parents seem to be paranoid about), and the solution – in broad brush strokes – is a discipline system based on spanking. So the resources are heavy on the topic of discipline. There isn’t a lot on how to get to know your children, how to love your children, how to cultivate in our hearts an attitude that is for children and a culture in our home and churches that are for children.