The $2.50 smoked salmon and avocado sushi rolls in Melbourne were my introduction to salmon. It was my favourite way of easing hunger in the middle of the day. These days salmon is frequently on sale (or “action” – pronounced acsyon in French), so the fridge is full of it. Husband and I began the morning on the balcony eating smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast, and I ended the day with more of the pink fish.

It was over 30 degrees yesterday, the warmest day in Geneva I’ve ever experienced. I had a Starbucks date with a friend in the late afternoon and walked home. Thursday evening is one I have alone, and I am not often inspired to cook for one. Case in point – for lunch yesterday I had a bowl of muesli, natural yogurt and chopped nectarine (I told myself I had a high protein breakfast).

But cooking for myself is one of the best things I can do to value my life. In one simple action, I tell myself that I’m important, special and worth taking care of. It was past eight in the evening when I got home, so I made a simple dinner.

I fried salmon in butter – one day, I’ll give my opinion about butter and health – and tossed some garlic in with the butter and ate it with broccoli and yellow peppers. The whole meal melted in my mouth (and took less than 10 minutes).

  • Salmon salt both sides with rock salt, pan fry each side in butter for less than two minutes, crush a clove of garlic and toss into the pan. The garlic infuses in the butter, and it made for a nice “sauce” on top of the salmon at the end. The bits of fried garlic made for tasty bites with the salmon, and the rock salt creates a nice salty crunch on the outside of the salmon, which I loved because good food is salty food.
  • Broccoli boil in salted water – I didn’t keep track of the time, but I monitored it carefully because I hate overcooked vegetables.
  • Yellow capsicum (peppers) chopped